All necessary parts for installation in one kit
Navigation-System-for-VW-Polo-X802D-U-with-KIT-X802POLO KIT-X802POLO-With-Navigation-System-X802D-U-Opening-Screen Navigation-System-for-VW-Polo-X802D-U-with-KIT-X802POLO-Map KIT-X802POLO-With-Navigation-System-X802D-U-DAB-Car-Radio VW-Polo-X802D-U-with-KIT-X802POLO-Menu-with-DAB-Radio-Bluetooth-DVD KIT-X802POLO-With-Navigation-System-X802D-U-Android-Auto-Music KIT-X802POLO-With-Navigation-System-X802D-U-Android-Auto-Map KIT-X802POLO-With-Navigation-System-X802D-U-Apple-CarPlay-Map KIT-X802POLO_Installation-Kit-VW-Polo

8" монтажен кит за Volkswagen Polo 5/ GTI (6C) - KIT-X802POLO

Our all-new 8-inch installation kit for the Volkswagen Polo 5 / GTI (6C), combined with the new X802D-U, offers cutting edge navigation including turn-by-turn arrow guidance in the multi-function display, paired with DAB+, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility.

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Перфектна интеграция в автомобила

Създаден за Volkswagen Polo 5 / GTI (6C)

The KIT-X802POLO is exclusively designed to fit into the Volkswagen Polo 5 / GTI (6C) model year 2014 and newer. It includes a high-quality frame in piano black, installation brackets for the X802D-U, wiring harness, CAN bus interface and active antenna adapter. Note that the X802D-U is not included and must be purchased separately.

Бутони за управление от волана

The Alpine system is connected to your steering wheel control buttons. This means you do not lose this convenient feature when upgrading to Alpine and you will have full control over volume, phone, audio track forward/backward and many other commands. You can even activate Siri voice control if you have an iPhone connected to the system – right from your steering wheel.

Информационен дисплей

The small display in the instrument cluster is also connected to the Alpine system and can display radio station names, song titles and artist information, caller names, navigation turn-by-turn arrows and much more.

Retains visual representation of Parking Sensors
Retains visual representation of Air Condition Display

Retains visual representation of Parking Sensors

If your car is equipped with original parking sensors, you can continue to use this convenient feature when upgrading to Alpine. The parking sensor system is connected to your Alpine screen, showing a convenient distance display. Our 2nd generation of Alpine Style headunits features parking sensor display with much higher display detail.

Retains visual representation of Air Condition Display

The headunit gives you visual feedback for the selected temperature of driver and co-driver, AC status, seat heating level, selected air vents and more. This screen will automatically appear for a few seconds when any of the named settings is changed to give the driver feedback.


Общи данни

  • Съвместим с Volkswagen Polo 5 / GTI (6C)
  • Съвместим с мулти функционалния дисплей и бутоните за управление от волана

KIT-X802POLO съдържа:

  • Монтажен скит за Volkswagen Polo 5 / GTI (6C)
  • Интерфейс за управление от волана и дисплея, кабели, монтажни скоби, антене адаптер и рамка

Compatible Cars

Година на модела
Polo 5 / GTI (6C)
2014 →


Съвместими продукти
  • Navigation-System-X802D-U-with-DAB-Radio-Bluetooth-DVD
    8” тъч скрийн навигация с карти TomTom, съвместима с Apple CarPlay и Android Auto