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The Loudest Family on the Block
R-Series-Mono-Power-Amplifier_R-A75M_angle R-Series-Mono-Power-Amplifier_R-A75M_front R-Series-Mono-Power-Amplifier_R-A75M_back R-Series-Mono-Power-Amplifier_R-A75M_top R-Series-Mono-Power-Amplifier_R-A75M_inside_topview R-Series-Amplifier-chart

Моноусилвател серия R


The “R” line of speakers and subwoofers have a heritage of sound quality you can hear from a block away, and the newly added R-Series amplifiers are no exception. Aside from their best-in-class performance, these amplifiers are tuned to emphasize the characteristics of the R-Series speakers and subwoofers, giving you that legendary R-Series experience.

The new R-Series mono amplifier produces massive power output – 1500W max to be precise. Use it with the R-Series subwoofers for a loud and fun bass experience.

R-Series amplifiers are available in mono and 4-channel configuration.

R-Series speaker

Информация за продукта
The Alpine R-Series Sound Components

The Alpine R-Series Sound Components

The R-Series lineup is “The Loudest Family on the Block”. The products are designed to be played loud, delivering a fun and exciting listening experience, and are known for dependable performance and high-quality sound. All R-Series components are developed to perfectly match each other.

Small Footprint
Thermal Protection

Small Footprint

Compact and Powerful: the new digital amplification circuit allows high power output while keeping a small footprint. The R-A75M measures just 274mm in width x 223mm in length for easy installation in virtually any vehicle.

Thermal Protection

Along with Alpine’s new intelligent amplifier platform, the new R-Series amplifiers feature an improved heat sink and protection circuit design that eliminates thermal shut-down, for dependable music playback.

Bass EQ and Subsonic Filter
Low/High-Power Speaker Signal Inputs

Bass EQ and Subsonic Filter

The Bass EQ adds a 50Hz bass boost of up to +12dB to tune your bass response, while the subsonic filter is cutting ultra-low frequencies from the input signal before being amplified. This helps to protect smaller speakers from receiving too low frequencies, minimizes power wasted from reproducing inaudible sound and protects your subwoofer in a vented enclosure from over-excursion below the tuning frequency.

Low/High-Power Speaker Signal Inputs

The 2-Channel RCA speaker signal inputs accept low and high-power signals (cables not included). This makes it easy to connect the R-A75M directly to your original car stereo, regardless of your head unit’s power output. The power cable terminal accepts heavy gauge cables of up to 4 AWG.

Control Your Subwoofer
Digital Amplification Circuit

Control Your Subwoofer

You can connect the RUX-KNOB2 remote bass knod (optional available) to the R-A75M to controll the subwoofer level straight from your dash.

Digital Amplification Circuit

The R-A75M uses a fully digital amplification design, which allows for a much better efficiency compared to a Class-A or B design. Higher efficiency means less power is dissipated to heat, allowing for a much smaller heat sink design and therefore a smaller amplifier body.

High-End Audio Components
Best Performance with R-Series Subs

High-End Audio Components

The Alpine R-Series amps use many audiophile grade, custom designed components to achieve excellent sound quality and accuracy. The image for example shows the high-quality, large-capacity condensers, which are custom designed for Alpine.

Best Performance with R-Series Subs

The R-A75M is designed to perfectly match the Alpine R-Series R-W12D2 and R-W10D2 subwoofers for perfect system building.




  • Разположение на терминалите: едностранно
  • Малък размер за лесен монтаж
  • Терминали за високоговорители и захранващ кабел

Общи данни

  • Тип: Class-D (дигитални)
  • Канали: моноусилвател
  • Термична защита
  • Индикатор захранване/статусTop Mounted LED Power/Status Indicator
  • Speaker Level Input with remote turn on
  • Нискочестотен филтър (LPF)
  • Контрол на усилването
  • Bass EQ
  • Високочестотен филтър
  • Подготвен за дистанционно за бас (RUX-KNOB2)


Стойности на максималната изходна мощност

  • Максимална мощност: 1500W

RMS мощност

  • На канал на 2 ома, 14.4V (≤1%THD+N): 1 x 750W
  • На канал на 4 ома, 14.4V (≤1%THD+N): 1 x 500W

Настройки на звука

  • Филтри: LPF: 50-400Hz (-24dB/oct )
  • Високочестотен филтър: 8-40Hz (-24dB/oct.)

Общи данни

  • Захранване
  • Чувствителност на вход (RCA вход): Hi: 0.4V - 10V / Low: 0.1V - 4.0V
  • Вход високо ниво
  • Cable size: Power Cable AWG 4, SPK Cable AWG 8
  • Честотен обхват (+0/ -3dB: 1W на 4 ома): 10Hz - 400Hz
  • THD+N (@ 10W на 4 ома): <0.02%
  • THD+N rated power на 4 ома): <0.03%
  • Damping Factor: >1500
  • Отношение сигнал - шум (на 4 ома): >105dB
  • Тегло: 3.2 кг


  •  (ШxВxД) мм: 273 x 50.8 x 200
  • With attached brackets: 273 x 50.8 x 223
Съвместими продукти
  • 12-inch-R-Series-Subwoofer-4-Ohm-R-W12D4
    12′′ (30 см) серия R (4Ω + 4Ω)
  • 12-inch-R-Series-Subwoofer-2-Ohm-R-W12D2
    12′′ (30 cm) субуфер серия R (2Ω + 2Ω)
  • 10-inch-R-Series-Subwoofer-4-Ohm-R-W10D4
    10′′ (25 см) субуфер серия R (4Ω + 4Ω)
  • 10-inch-R-Series-Subwoofer-2-Ohm-R-W10D2
    10′′ (25 см) субуфер серия R (2Ω + 2Ω)
  • productpic_SWR1542D_01
    Субуфер 38см
  • productpic_SWR-8D4_01
    Субуфер 20см (4Ω + 4Ω)
  • productpic_SWR-8D2_01
    Събуфер 20см (2Ω + 2Ω)
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