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Add great-sounding highs to any system affordably
S-S10TW_1-inch-25mm-S-Series-Silk-Dome-Tweeter-Set S-S10TW_1-inch-25mm-S-Series-Silk-Dome-Tweeter-Set-angle S-S10TW_1-inch-25mm-S-Series-Silk-Dome-Tweeter-Set-straight S-S10TW_1-inch-25mm-S-Series-Silk-Dome-Tweeter-Set-side S-S10TW_1-inch-25mm-S-Series-Silk-Dome-Tweeter-Set-installation-parts

1" (2.5 см) високочестотен говорител серия S


The S-S10TW Tweeter’s compact size and wide frequency range is an efficient and affordable upgrade to any factory or aftermarket sound system.

The tweeters measure at a mere 1” with a mounting depth of 17,6mm for easy installation in almost any vehicle. The tweeters can be flush mounted or installed with a high adjustable stealth OEM mount bracket (included), which allows them to be mounted on the top, bottom, or behind factory grill locations.

The Alpine logo is removable for stealth installation applications. Each soft dome comes enclosed in an adjustable swivel cup housing and directs the sound optimized for listener preference and vehicle imaging. For a perfect system matching experience, pair the S-S10TW with Alpine’s S-Series sound family.

S-Series logo

Информация за продукта
S-S10TW S-Series Tweeter
S-S10TW S-Series Tweeter High Power handling for High Volume
S-S10TW S-Series Tweeter Smooth Transitions

High Power handling for High Volume

The S-S10TW Tweeter’s motor structure was designed to reduce distortion and increase output at high volumes, so you can turn your music up and still experience crystal clear sound. Brighten up your sound stage without sounding overpowering or compromising sound quality. The silk dome design minimizes harsh highs and instead produces a warm and mellow tone. 

Smooth Transitions

The S-S10TW includes a small, in-line crossover made of high-grade electrical components that seamlessly rolls off your midrange while also passively protecting your tweets from low frequency damage. The small size of the crossover also makes installation fast and convenient.



Общи данни

  • 2 броя 1” (2.5 см) високочестотни говорители
  • Висококачествен неодимов магнит
  • Silk Dome Tweeter Design 
  • Лого Alpine 
  • Includes a 15-degree Swivel Flush Cup Housing
  • Includes a height adjustable stealth OEM mount
  • Съвместимост със серия S на Alpine



  • Максимална мощност: 240W
  • RMS мощност: 80W


  • Дълбочина на монтаж: 17.6 мм
  • Диаметър: 51 мм

Общи данни

  • Филтър: пасивен 12dB/Octave високочестотен филтър
  • Честотен обхват: 1kHz-22kHz
  • Чувствителност: 88dB (1W / 1m)
  • Импеданс: 6 ома
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